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Join us this summer for inspiring workshops inspired by environmental and science themes. We are inviting schools to come and enjoy our next exhibition Our Plastic Ocean, by award-winning photographer Mandy Barker. The exhibition addresses the current global crisis of marine plastic pollution. Barker collects debris from shorelines across the world and transforms them into powerful and captivating images.

Gallery adventures and digital animation workshop KS1 – KS2

This workshop aims to teach science in a fun and creative way. In the first part of the workshop pupils will go on a journey around the exhibition learning scientific facts on how long different plastics take to degrade. Pupils will then take part in discussions on the harmful impact of plastic pollution in our oceans. 

In the second part of the workshop pupils will get creative using colourful plastic objects to create their very own digital animation. Their animation will help spread the message of the excessive amount of plastic we use every day. 

In the final part of the workshop, pupils’ animations will be screened in the gallery, and can be sent to teachers on request.

Curriculum areas:
 Art and Design, Photography, Science

Learning outcomes: 
pupils will

  • Learn about the artist and their art work.
  • Explore issues of marine plastics and the environment.
  • Use creative techniques such as collage and animation.
  • Produce creative work and explore ideas

For more information download our Summer 2019 workshop guide for schools.

Booking details

Workshop cost £95+VAT
. Special workshop price for Artsmark schools of £76+VAT (20% discount).

The session time is 2 hours long.

Maximum 35 students per session.

Where possible, please book at least two weeks in advance.

Contact Jennifer Sobol, Learning Manager on
 or phone 01274 737843.