Being Inbetween at The Amelia Scott — Impressions Gallery

Being Inbetween, by award-winning photographer Carolyn Mendelsohn, tours to The Amelia Scott in Tunbridge Wells.

Made over a period of six years, Being Inbetween is a series of powerful photographic portraits of girls aged between ten and twelve, exploring the complex transition between childhood and young adulthood.

Driven by personal experience, photographer Carolyn Mendelsohn has worked collaboratively with 90 girls who are in the midst of navigating this complex, and potentially defining, period in their lives. Too often the target of relentless marketing campaigns and victims of social media pressures, girls at this age are often placed into an amorphous group described as ‘tweens’.

Through her photography and accompanying interviews, Mendelsohn allows each individual an opportunity to reclaim their identity, encouraging a dialogue on ambitions and aspirations, hopes and fears. Taken as a whole, the portraits offer a highly personal insight into the dreams, desires, and concerns of this group of unique young women, with each girl the author of her own look and artist of her own image.

An Impressions Gallery touring exhibition curated by Anne McNeill.

Images credit clockwise: Aaisha, aged 11; Ruby, aged 11;  Stephanie, aged 11; Becca, aged 11; Betsy, aged 11; Heavens, aged 10 © Carolyn Mendelsohn