How to run a successful crowdfunding campaign with Marc Wilson and Gabrielle Motola — Impressions Gallery

Ever wondered how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign? Join photographers Marc Wilson and Gabrielle Motola as they discuss their experiences, from crowdfunding to published books. 

Marc Wilson has extensive experience in crowdfunding, having done so for his last three photobooks, and before that to fund the making of his photographic series The Last Stand. Marc’s latest photobook, The Land is Yellow, the Sky is Blue, is launching at our Photobook Fair and is itself the result of a strong Kickstarter campaign.

You can also hear about Gabrielle Motola’s Kickstarter journey, from sceptic to empowered publisher, and learn how she overcame her initial doubts about crowdfunding to successfully finance An Equal Difference, a book that blends photography, sociology, and social activism. Discover the strategies and hard work that went into exceeding her £15,000 goal. In addition, Gabrielle will talk about Patreon, which she initially viewed as a “weirder, more esoteric sister” of Kickstarter and how she went on to embrace this as a platform that fosters community and innovation.

The discussion will be chaired by Anne McNeill, Director at Impressions Gallery.

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Free event, donations welcome.

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This event is running as part of our annual Photobook Fair: Sustainability and the Photobook.


  • How to run a successful crowdfunding campaign with Marc Wilson and Gabrielle Motola — Impressions Gallery

    Gabrielle Motola

    Gabrielle Motola (USA/UK) is an accomplished photographer, writer, colourist, and therapeutic photography practitioner. Her work navigates the complex landscape of human interaction as well as the intricate relationship we have with ourselves. Using her camera as an instrument for personal growth, self-reflection, and social change, she probes our collective uncertainty and individual self-perceptions. Gabrielle unveils the connections we yearn for and the disconnections we often encounter while also exploring the internal dialogues that shape our self-concept. Her work advocates for improved communication and understanding, offering a profound exploration of societal constructs, mental well-being, and the relationship between boundaries, fear, trust, and self-belief. Image credit: © Sean Tucker.

  • How to run a successful crowdfunding campaign with Marc Wilson and Gabrielle Motola — Impressions Gallery

    Marc Wilson

    (B. 1968, London) Marc Wilson’s studies took him from Sociology to Photography, and he has been taking photographs ever since. His images document the memories, histories and stories set in the landscapes surrounding us. Wilson works on long-term documentary projects. They include 'The Last Stand', 2010-2014, and 'A Wounded Landscape: Bearing Witness to the Holocaust', 2015-2021. He has published 4 photo books to date. Solo exhibitions include those at Side Gallery, The Royal Armouries Museum, Focal Point Gallery (UK), and Spazio Klien (Italy). Group shows include those at The Photographers Gallery and the Association of Photographers Gallery, London, and internationally at Athens Photo Festival, and Tel Aviv Museum of Art. His work has been published in numerous journals and magazines, from National Geographic and The British Journal of Photography and Raw Magazine to Wired and Dezeen.