Project for Instagram called Mass Isolation Project

Take part in the Mass Isolation collective project initiated by our friends at  Gallery of Photography Ireland, which invites people to share their experiences of the Coronavirus outbreak on Instagram.

Anyone can contribute to this important visual record of a challenging, unprecedented moment in our history from the perspectives of those living it. Inspired by the Mass Observation movement of 1937, we want to show what daily life is like in the midst of this historic crisis.

Visit our Instagram account @Mass_Isolation_IG and share your images with the tags #massisolationig #massisolationproject. If you like, you can also tag the region you are from, for example #Yorkshire. We will repost a selection of photographs on our Instagram @Mass_Isolation_IG account.

While we encourage you to share your images, please ensure that anyone shown in photographs is happy for their image to appear online. And remember, contributors should in no way endanger their own safety or that of others. Please follow official government, NHS and Public Health England guidelines.

This is a new undertaking for us all, so we will watch and learn as it unfolds. We hope this project will start a conversation about the positive role that photography can play in society, and the way that it can shape our understanding of the times.

Stay well and look after each other.