Primary school workshop: Portrait and Identity (KS1 to KS2) — Impressions Gallery

Workshop using collage and photography to explore identity, inspired by our current exhibition Invisible Britain: This Separated Isle.

What can portraits teach us about other people? How can photography help us understand people of different faiths and beliefs?

This reflective and practical workshop teaches pupils about the lives of a diverse range of British people from different faiths and backgrounds. As part of the workshop pupils will go on a journey around the exhibition Invisible Britain: This Separated Isle. The exhibition showcases 34 fascinating portraits of people from across the UK, who all share their personal experience of being British.

In the first part of the workshop pupils will take part in discussions on culture and identity and talk about what makes us British today. Pupils will then get creative using collage and stencils to make a flag that explores their own identity. In the final part of the workshop pupils will step into our pop-up photo studio and get their portrait taken, as they hold up words that they have selected to celebrate their identity.

Curriculum areas
Art and Design, Photography, English, History

Learning outcomes 

Pupils will:

  • Learn about the artist and their artwork.
  • Explore issues of culture and identity.
  • Use creative techniques, portrait photography
  • Produce creative work and explore ideas.
  • Learn how art can reflect and shape our history.
  • This workshop supports the teaching of British Values and aims to teach tolerance and respect for people of different faiths.

Booking details

  • Workshop cost £120+VAT.
  • Special workshop price for Artsmark schools of £96+VAT (20% discount)
  • The session time is 2 hours long.
  • Maximum 35 students per session.
  • Where possible, please book at least two weeks in advance.
  • Call Jennifer Sobol, Learning Manager on 01274 737843 or email