Secondary school workshop: Portrait and Identity (KS3 to KS4) — Impressions Gallery

What can portraits teach us about other people? How can photography help us understand people of different faiths and beliefs?

Come and take part in an insightful and fun workshop that teaches pupils about the lives of a diverse range of British people from different faiths and backgrounds. As part of the workshop pupils will be guided around the exhibition Invisible Britain: This Separated Isle. The exhibition showcases 34 fascinating portraits of people from across the UK, who all share their personal experience of being British.

This workshop has been devised with consideration for art and photography teachers looking for ways to engage their students in critical and contextual studies. The workshop will help students develop an understanding of the artworks, and the themes and ideas behind them.

In the first part of the workshop pupils will take part in a discussion on culture and identity, exploring themes such as migration, politics, religion, and class. The pupils will then undertake an exercise to help them learn how to read images. Using visual literacy worksheets, they will choose one image to explore and report their findings to the rest of the class. In the final part of the workshop pupils will put what they have learnt to the test and get creative by stepping into our pop up photo studio. Working in groups students will take portraits that explore each other’s identity.

Curriculum areas: Photography, Art and Design, English, History, Geography.

Pupils will:

  • Learn about the artist and their artwork.
  • Learn how ideas, themes, subjects and feelings can inspire creative responses.
  • Learn how to read and interpret images.
  • Have the opportunity to make enquiries and develop interpretation.
  • Learn how to debate and argue different points of view.
  • This workshop supports the teaching of British Values and aims to teach tolerance and respect for people of different faiths.
  •  Booking details

  • Workshop cost £120+VAT.
  • Special workshop price for Artsmark schools of £96+VAT (20% discount).
  • The session time is 2 hours long.
  • Maximum 35 students per session.
  • Where possible, please book at least two weeks in advance.
  • Call Jennifer Sobol, Learning Manager on 01274 737843 or email
  • Information