Secondary schools workshop: Virtual Gallery in the Classroom (KS3 to KS5) — Impressions Gallery

Looking for new ways to inspire your pupils in the classroom? Bring learning to life, and take your pupils on a virtual tour of our new exhibition Seedscapes Future-Proofing Nature.

Seedscapes shows the work of five contemporary artists. Go on a journey around the globe to discover how artists and scientists are working together to save plants from extinction. Each artist looks at how important seeds are to us, such as providing us with food and medicines.

This virtual experience will transport your pupils into the gallery, giving them the chance to explore the exhibition. Pupils can get up close to artworks, watch clips from artist films, read about the artists and see the whole gallery space from a bird’s eye view.

Pupils can also take part in a free creative activity, as our Gallery Assistant Asiya Hussain teaches you how to make a concertina book, inspired by Liz Orton’s book Herbarium of Extinction, shown in the exhibition.

If you wish, we can offer a free 10-minute introduction to the exhibition and the gallery through Zoom or Google Meet. Please email to find out more.