In which language do we dream virtual experience

Looking for creative ways to inspire your pupils? Bring learning to life and take your pupils on a virtual tour of recent exhibition In Which Language Do We Dream? by Rich Wiles and Ruba al-Hindawi.

In the UK, we are familiar with the news headlines and the photographic images of the so-called ‘refugee crisis’. But what happens after displacement to those who are resettled and try to rebuild their lives? What about personal stories, and the relationships that form between new friends and new neighbours? And how do people hold on to loved ones and a past life that they had to leave behind?

Over a period of 5 years, photographer Rich Wiles has been collaborating with the al-Hindawi family. With Rich’s support and encouragement Ruba began photographing herself, her husband and her children’s daily life as they navigate resettlement and integration. 

This virtual experience will transport you into the gallery, giving you the chance to explore the exhibition. You can get up close to artworks, watch clips from artist films, read about the artists and see the whole gallery space from a bird’s eye view. This experience can be done as a group, or pupils can access the resources independently and explore at their own pace.

Pupils can learn skills in reading and interpreting images, by downloading our Reading Images worksheet (below) to encourage looking and thinking about each artwork.

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