Virtual stalls: Schilt Publishing — Impressions Gallery

Schilt Publishing & Gallery is a publishing house specialised in high quality photography and art books as well as a commercial gallery representing a range of top class artists from all over the world.

The aim of the company is to offer a worldwide platform for its artists. Not only we publish books and market those in USA, Europe and the rest of the world, we also cooperate with galleries, photography festivals and submit our books to all major photobook contests. Our online print shop offers a changing selection of beautiful, limited edition, signed artwork.

Schilt Publishing & Gallery is the publisher of FotoFest International in Houston, Texas. Our cooperation with this fine photography institution cannot be underestimated and we are therefore extremely proud and thankful for the trust they give us. Please browse our website to get an idea about the variety and the quality of the books and special editions we publish.

Schilt books are distributed worldwide by Thames & Hudson, Ingram (USA and Canada) and Centraal Boekhuis in The Netherlands and Flanders.

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Why we love Schilt Publishing

Schilt are long-time favourites, working with a wide range of international critically-engaged photographers, including Impressions Gallery exhibitors Dornith Doherty, Rena Effendi and David Chancellor. For the serious collector, check out Schilt’s eclectic and beautiful range of special editions with signed artist prints.

Archiving Eden by Dornith Doherty

Many of Archiving Eden‘s images radiate a spiritual dimension, emanating wordlessly like hieroglyphs from nature, seeming to reflect life itself from within the seed… I believe the universe whispers the feeling of primordial life to us through Archiving Eden, filling us with auspicious dreams for the continuity of our world.
€ 45.00

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Virtual stalls: Schilt Publishing — Impressions Gallery

Someone Else’s Mother by Caroline Irby

"I grew up in London with a Filipina woman called Juning, who had four children of her own living on a small island in the Philippines 7,000 miles away. Juning’s husband left her when their children were young, and all financial responsibility for the family fell to her". In “Someone Else’s Mother”, Caroline tells Juning’s story and brings into focus the lives of the children she left, carefully interweaving these stories with her own recollections of a childhood spent with their mother.
€ 40.00

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Virtual stalls: Schilt Publishing — Impressions Gallery

Keeper of the Hearth by Odette England

This book marks the 40th anniversary of Roland Barthes’ renowned work Camera Lucida (La Chambre claire) in 2020. Artist Odette England invited more than 200 photography-based artists, writers, critics, curators, and historians from around the world to contribute an image or text that reflects on Barthes’ unpublished snapshot of his mother at age five.
€ 60.00

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Virtual stalls: Schilt Publishing — Impressions Gallery

Meet the publisher

  • Virtual stalls: Schilt Publishing — Impressions Gallery

    Maarten Schilt

    Maarten Schilt is co-founder, with Maria Louise Schilt, of Schilt Publishing. He is a portfolio reviewer at esteemed photo festivals all over the world, and member of the International Advisory Council to the Executive Director of Center for Photography in Santa Fe.