Offsite talk: ‘Spooked By An Image’ at Newington Green Meeting House — Impressions Gallery
Impressions Gallery’s Director Anne McNeill is a special guest at an artist’s talk with Diane Bielik, on the occasion of her exhibition HALO TANGO at the Unitarian Church in Newington Green.
Joined by photographic artist Emma Jane Spain, this chatty panel talk will take the HALO TANGO exhibition and book as a starting point to consider the way images can stay with you, inspire action or act as a kind of ‘image-worm’. This open and informal talk will ask each sitter to talk about images that have at some point ‘spooked them’.
HALO TANGO, a solo exhibition by Diane Bielik, is on from 7 May to 4 June, in the unique setting of the Unitarian Church in Newington Green. The work is a fictional narrative told from an object found in a charity shop. The small framed portrait, is a charcoal drawing of a woman, ‘Mrs Eyles’ drawn by Betty Steer  in 1962. The 60 year old portrait bookends this fiction. HALO TANGO is a mostly made-up story about inequality, frustration and fight.
Newington Green Meeting House is part of the Unitarian Church which was a hotbed of revolutionary thinking in the 18th Century and most notably was frequented by Mary Wollstonecraft. Having opened her school for girls nearby in Newington Green, an area known for its radical dissenters. This has led to the site being identified as one of the birthplaces of modern Western feminism.
Artist Talk ‘Spooked By An Image’ with Diane Bielik, Anne McNeill and Emma Jane Spain will take place on Friday 13 May 2022, 10.30am at Newington Green Meeting House, 39a Newington Green, London, N16 9PR.
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