Download our drawing and colouring activities inspired by the exhibition Borderland: Stories from Donbas by Christopher Nunn

Chris travelled to Ukraine to learn more about his grandmother who came to the North of England after the Second World War. A year later, protests started to happen in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Over the next five years, Chris photographed the everyday lives of people in Europe’s only active war zone. He says, “Everybody had a story to tell. I heard hundreds of stories, from the tragic to hilarious. The Donbas is, to me, beautiful and brutal; a place of comedy and pain”. To find out more, download the exhibition guide with Chris’s commentary on his images.

Exhibition guide to Borderland: Stories from Donbas

The activities are suitable for all ages. 

Image on right: Untitled (detail) from Borderland: Stories from Donbas © Christopher Nunn