The Hidden Schools Tour resources were provided as guidance materials to allow teachers and pupils to explore the content of Hidden and some of the themes the exhibition addresses.

About the Hidden Schools Tour

In 2013 and 2014, Impressions Gallery toured the exhibition Hidden by Red Saunders to 12 schools across the Bradford district, as part of Arts Council England’s Strategic touring programme.

Hidden features large-scale photographs of momentous, yet often overlooked, events in British history, which are full of rich detail to spark the imagination of children and young people. The exhibition has strong links to national curriculum subjects including History, English, Citizenship and Art, and an extensive workshop programme accompanied the tour.

Students in each school worked with artist Jonathan Turner to create new artwork, playing roles to re-imagine scenes in British history, as well as producing inventive contemporary portraits. Their work was shown in the exhibition Who Do We Think We Are: Young People Take Over at Impressions Gallery from 13 December 2014 to 7 February 2015.

The Hidden Schools Tour was funded by Arts Council England through the National Lottery and supported by Bradford Metropolitan District Council. Arts Council England’s Strategic touring programme was designed to improve access to great art for people across a range of venues in England, so that more people experience and are inspired by the arts. The programme aimed to reach people and places with the least engagement and provide a wide range of high quality work on tour, in particular more work by and for children and young people.

This resource provides an introduction to the Hidden exhibition and schools tour, including a Q&A with artist Red Saunders, Artist Profile, an overview of the key themes in the exhibition, and the project and learning aims.

Download Exhibition Information: Hidden Schools Tour (PDF, 6.02 MB)