ReFramed, the Midlands-based photography network for Black, Asian and people of colour, discuss activism  and publishing. Featuring Andrew Jackson, Anand Chhabra and Jagdish Patel, chaired by Sebah Chaudhry. Programmed as part of Impressions Gallery’s Online Photobook Fair 17 October 2020.

ReFramed has been established by a team of award-winning photographers and curators who believe that visual arts can play a critical role in shaping civic and contemporary attitudes, initiating collaborative conversations, and changing prevailing thoughts about race, our local environment and our communities.

Their goals are to collaborate with individuals and community groups, and build a network with visual artists from Black, Asian and other communities of colour. They say, “ReFramed will develop collaboration within visual art communities, as well as building links and bridges between communities of colour. Our work is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment, with a culture of respect and mutual support, which reflects the diversity within our community”.

53 minutes 17 seconds: Produced by Impressions Gallery 2020