From artistic influences to equipment choices, find out more about the individuals behind the images with our series of Q&As with exhibiting photographers.

Arpita Shah Nalini 
Exhibited 17 January to 24 March 2020

Developed across India, Kenya and the UK, Arpita Shah’s Nalini is a personal journey exploring themes of migration, distance and loss.

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Christopher Nunn Borderland: Stories from Donbas
Exhibited 4 October 2019 to 4 January 2020

Made over a period of six years, Borderland offers a rare glimpse of everyday life in the Donbas region, Europe’s only active war zone. Nunn captures the quiet moments and overlooked details away from the flashpoints of fighting and the spotlight of international news.

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Yan Preston
Mother River 
Exhibited 31 March to 24 June 2017

Mother River is a photographic odyssey taking the viewer on a journey along the entire length of the Yangtze. The epic project followed a simple premise: to document the 6,211km route of the river from source to delta, using a strict point system to make a photograph at every 100 kilometres.

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Helen Sear Prospect, Refuge, Hazard
Exhibited 18 January to 16 March 2019

Incorporating video, photography and sound, Prospect, Refuge, Hazard explores forests and woodlands and the the co-existence of human, animal, and natural worlds.

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Kurt Tong The Queen, The Chairman and I
Exhibited 16 December 2016 to 18 March 2017

The Queen, The Chairman and I is a fascinating journey into the entwined histories of China and the UK, traced through the family history of photographer Kurt Tong.

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Liza Dracup Field Work

Exhibited 7 July to 23 September 2017

From nocturnal woods to wildlife specimens, Liza Dracup is inspired by the landscape and natural history of Britain. Field Work presented a decade of her work, exploring photographic representations of our natural environment.

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